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Direct to Garment

We have championed Direct to Garment printing for years and have experienced the growth and development of this pioneering printing process. We strongly believe that the future for garment printing lies with the methodology. Please view our demonstration video to gain a further insight into how Direct to Garment works.

Vinyl Transfers

This method of garment decoration works great for single block colours and is extremely durable and can machine wash up to 60 degrees.

Screen Printing

Screen Printing is the most cost effective method of printing larger quantities of the same design.  We offer the service where we screen-print your designs in bulk to produce them for you for the best possible price per garment and then hold the stock for you and drop-ship the garments to your customers as you receive orders.

Screen Printed Garment Transfers

Screen Printed Transfers are an excellent option for print-on-demand customers, particularly for typographical designs.  We produce the transfers in bulk at a highly cost effective print price, then press the required design onto the required garment when you receive orders and drop ship to your customers for you.  This option is very popular with our clients, it’s cost effective and no garment stock needs to be purchased.  It works well for retailers, as the main sales variable (the size and colour of garment) can be changed to suit the order as it comes in, avoiding wastage and unnecessary stock purchasing.

Dye Sublimation

Dye-Sublimation, is a method of fusing special inks onto polyester or polymer coated surfaces. We use dye sublimation for producing images on mugs and phone cases specifically but there are many products onto which Dye Sublimation can be used. It is vibrant, extremely hard wearing and cost effective.